The ultimate utility for alarm companies.

Tech Tester is a mobile and web-based utility for alarm companies to integrate with their Central Station. Easily configure access limits, permissions, and change-logs for your team of technicians. The testing utility makes it easy and intuitive to see what sensors and points have communicated. When done testing, with a single button press, send a beautiful report of the testing details to your office or directly to the subscriber. Utilize work-queues and in-app messaging to manage your team. Tech Tester makes your day-to-day security and fire system servicing easy and secure.

Direct Central Station Integration

Real-Time Signal Testing Utility

Granular Team Management

Full Data Entry Capabilities

Transparent Central Station Access

Time-Based App Access

Beautiful Branded Reports

And So Much More!

Home Console User Interface

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Access: the way you want it.

Our granular permissions allow you to give as much or as limited access to your monitored accounts as you want in order to fit your business needs. Assign your techs to just the accounts they are servicing, nothing more. Time-based app access, transparent central station logins, and detailed usage statistics make securing your account base easy and worry-free.

Work Queue User Interface
Tech Tester App User Interface


Team management can be hard. Tech Tester makes it easy with beautiful automated reports. See your teams usage metrics, test utility reports, and data changes all right in your inbox.

The app you need.

Our application empowers your team by giving them the tools they need to service your accounts with ease. Our testing utility lets the user easily see what sensors have reported, what has been restored, and what is still unrestored. They can then send a report summary to your office that shows that all sensors have reported and restored before they leave the site.

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