Granular Permissions

Tech Tester allows you to give your technicians as much or as little information about your account base that you want.

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Want to give your technicians full access to search your account base?Sure!

Want to only assign them the account they are working on that day?Sure!

Want them to be able to view and edit all site information? Zones? Contacts?Sure!

Want them to only see limited site data, testing and signal information?No Problem!

With Tech Tester, you are in control!

Transparent Central Station Access

Tech Tester allows you to assign central station credentials for your technicians. What does this mean? They don’t have their own credentials so they can’t use any another product to access your accounts.
Central station access is managed by the logins that you set, and is never available to the technician.
Your account data stays with you and only you!

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