About Us

Tech Tester is powered by kirkwork, with offices located in Syracuse, NY.

Tech Tester is a utility that grew from an idea about how to solve a problem in the alarm industry, specifically with alarm companies that use wholesale monitoring. The problem is how to protect your account data and your subscriber base. Technicians, as are most skilled positions in today’s market, are tough to find, and harder to retain. What happens when one of your technicians leaves and goes to work for another company? Does all of your account data go with them? Not with Tech Tester!

Many Central Stations have applications that are designed for technicians in the field, which give them access to your entire account base. Simple account searches or account lists present all of the data easily. We have found that some alarm companies don’t let their technicians use these products for this reason! Some of these apps are better than others, but they are riddled with clunky user interfaces and lack luster support.

We at Tech Tester are software developers, it is what we do, and what we take pride in. Tech Tester utilizes intuitive user interfaces, industry leading technology, with an accessible and agile support team. Try Tech Tester for free today and see the difference!

Tech Tester App User Interface

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