Tech Tester is a software as a service (SAAS) and subscriptions are based on a per user/per month cost. You will be billed monthly for your active users using the on-file credit card. All transactions are processed securely with Stripe, we do not store any of your payment data.

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Our pricing model is a simple, per user, per month subscription.

Cancel at any time.

Have a larger team? Contact us for special pricing options.

Your monthly plan gets you:

Team Member Management

Keep your team productivity 💯‎ ‎ with work queues and know what your team is doing and when.

Work Queues

Techs are assigned to accounts as they are needed. Update these on the go, and keep your tech's queues filled.

Team Messaging

Secure chat messaging between admin accounts and your tech accounts. Keep everything inside the app, no more texting potential sensitive data.

Direct Central Station Integration

Manage your Central Station credentials once and then forget about it! We securely store your credentials, so when you log in to Tech Tester, you are automatically connected to your Central Station.

Testing Utility

Tech Tester's testing utility makes ensuring that an account has transmitted signals for all zones and even if those signals have restored easy. No more searching history screens for signals!

Testing Reports

After you are done testing the system, send a report that show the status of each zone to your back office or directly to the subscriber - beautifully branded with your logo.

Usage Metrics

Automated reports emailed right to you show team usage metrics. This lets you know who is accessing what and when, all right to your inbox.

Tech Tester Mobile

Our native mobile application makes you and you tech's lives easier by giving you all the power of Tech Tester right in your iOS or Android device.

Support When You Need It

Our support team is ready to assist you with any questions you have. Feel free to reach out whenever you have a question!